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Lowell A. Meyer [has] demonstrated impressive skills and visual sensibilities in [his] projects to date, which include exceptional portfolios of shorts, commercials, music videos, documentaries, features and television work.
— American Cinematographer Magazine, Rising Stars of Cinematography 2019
Lowell is fast and proficient, everything you dream of a cinematographer. He is a lovely proofreader as well, in that he fixes all of the problems in my scripts with his camera.
— Jim Cummings, Writer/Director [Thunder Road, "It's All Right, It's OK"]
Lowell’s talent and humility seem to have no end. Beyond capturing beautiful images, his commitment to the story will bring out the best of you and your crew. He will make it happen, no matter the circumstances, whether you’re in the pouring rain or a super hot car, with a crew of 40 or a crew of 2. He’s a true professional with immense vision and drive. We can’t imagine our sets without him.
— Logan George & Celine Held, Writers/Directors ["Caroline," "Babs," "Mouse"]
I love Lowell. I love him. He’s like family to me at this point, having shot tens, literally tens (two tens + four and counting) of commercials for my company. He’s the cousin you can’t wait to see at every family gathering, and the classmate you hope gets picked for your study group. Because he has one of the more rare qualities in our industry: an unendingly positive spirit coupled with an expert craftsman’s eye. Lowell laughs loudest at the jokes on set, and digs deepest to bring the emotional core of a character through the optics of the lens. When it’s time to make images that will make a client gush, you call Lowell. When it’s time to grab a camera and go out to shoot a stupid joke one of your friends thought of on a bender, you call Lowell. I love Lowell.
— Adam Lisagor, Director ["What is Augmenta?," "Relief is Here"]